Friday, August 29, 2008

Do We Owe John McCain a Vote?

I have heard it a number of times, from rational reasonable people: "I want to find a reason to vote for John McCain because of his war record." As if we owe him for his service to the country, for his suffering for 5 years as a prisoner of war. Are we that guilt ridden about war that we would make a desicion about who we elect as president of our country for such a reason? McCain, near as I can figure, spent 5 years as a prisoner of war, was beaten several times and tortured several times, and spent most of the time confined in a cell alone. Details are sketchy since he refuses to say much and since he as successfully pushed for legislation to keep all records sealed. So he apparently did endure pain and suffering. Does that mean we owe him the presidency? No. I means we owe him adequate medical coverage. Both physical and psychological. It means we owe him the ability to make a living if the war experience rendered him unable. That appears not to be the case. However, we owe those things to all the other hundreds of thousands of those injured as a result of all wars, then and up to and including the current one. Who endured more suffering? John McCain as a POW or today's soldier who had half a leg and a hand blown off by a roadside bomb and is in a hospital or rehb center today? Can we give that young man or woman a turn at the presidency as well? Sorry folks, I feel some sadness that John McCain had to suffer, and some gratitude that he was willing to serve in the armed forces to 'defend and protect' our country, but no one owes him a vote for it.

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