Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camping at Lake Desor

Large enough to have cool clear water, the lake was a treat at the end of a long hard first full day of backpacking. This camp was beautiful. So beautiful that those of us that had been to Kentucky together set to arguing if it was as pretty as our second camp there among the ferns and the cucumber magnolias and those of us that had desert camped set to arguing forest vs. desert. Those of us who camp Thanksgiving weekend agreed it was better to have the longer hours of summer daylight! The camp featured a sky of quaking aspen that shimmied their leaves true to their name to create a gentle background rustle and waist-high ferns that covered acres of understory. It was a delightful campsite indeed. The view out my tent was spectacular and only got better with each change of the light as the sun dropped to the horizon.

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