Monday, August 11, 2008

A Bad Moment on the Trail

Actually, it was a bad moment in my tent, where I had slept poorly and awoke to drizzle that meant more mosquitoes than usual on the long climb out of the campsite, and I wrote this list of 'stupider things than this trip':
"A pink car
A tattoo or body piercing
Waiting in lines at Disney Land or an amusement park of any kind
Ice fishing
Spending time and money on getting a manicure and pedicure
A longer trip on harder trails (I am sure I will rethink this when I see the photos later)
Chaperoning a school dance
A bad case of the flu
A country music festival
A motorcycle road trip
Cosmetic surgery"

And after the trip I have added one more thing to the list of things stupider than this backpacking trip to Isle Royale:
Never going on adventures like this at all

Because it really was hard, but it really was worth it!

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Chuck Comstock said...

Good job on the photo editing. Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Sounds like an excellent adventure. What's next?