Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favorite Moments at Isle Royale

Stepping out of the darker woods into the first aspen and fern glade
Every time we crested a rise and could see the amazing vistas
Hearing loons
Finding the first lady's slipper flower
Finding a group of many lady's slipper flower
Sitting in camp listening to the quaking aspen make the reason for their name obvious
The water of Desor Lake
Seeing my first moose on the trail
Seeing the sign posts that announced arrival at the side trail to camp each day
Sleeping in the rain
Seeing another moose in the pond that stayed around longer
Finding blooming pitcher plants in the bog
Seeing my boys happy and competent
Growing to like the other boys the more I got to know them
When I realized the steroids had worked and I could walk on my injured knee and I would not need amputation nor major surgery to fix it.
The warm coffee on the ferry.
Thinking that the woman reading the travel magazine on the ferry was funny - a favorite moment because it meant my sense of humor was intact.
Finishing the last of the 50 miles so that I could rest assured that I would be able to hold my head high to all the people I bragged to about, at the age of 50, getting my second Boy Scouts of America 50 miler patch

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