Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Ferry Ride From The Island

The ferry ride from Rock Harbor back to Windigo at the other end of the island, then on to Grand Portage, Minnesota was long. We were tired. We were happy. To ride the ferry back along the island where we had just backpacked over the last many days was exhilarating in a way. To look at all that land and know we had been there, that we had each walked it with our own two feet and slept on its ground and felt its rain and breathed its air and watched its creatures and drank its water was amazing. Rarely do you get a chance to step back, like in a MapQuest zoom, to see what you have traversed from such a different perspective. We were a little impressed with ourselves, yet a little humbled at how fast the ferry covered the same distance, with such graceful swift ease. But still! We did that! From one end to the other! We were too tired to say much about it, more than a few brief observations, but we all knew it as we rode. We did it! We really hiked that island from one end to the other!

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