Monday, August 18, 2008

Car Accidents

What was your first 'accident' in a car? Just because I have been riding around with a teen driver who is accumulating his 50 hours of driving to get licensed might have nothing to do with why I am asking this now. Maybe I am just wondering. Don't ask too many questions. And call the burgundy stripe the entire length of my white van an accent detail.
My first mishap was when I was leaving the high school parking lot and turned too sharply and made a little scraping dent on the car next to mine. A car that happened to belong to my high school biology teacher. I skulked in to make my confession and accept his wrath and he just said "How could you tell you did anything? There are so many other dents and dings and scratches and rust, who will know? Have a great evening and see you tomorrow."

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Paddle said...

I can't remember my first "accident" in a car but I'm sure I was very young. The trip home from grandma's house was always longer than I expected and on a cold winter night, it was hard to "hold it" that long after drinking lots of liquids during the day. Good thing I was wearing a diaper and didn't really have to care about the topic because I was concentrating on learning how to suck my thumb.