Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thoughts From The Ferry

On the ferry back to Minnesota, there were things running through my head like:
"I sure hope I don't need major surgery to fix this knee."
"I wonder who I can give my gear to because I am never doing anything like this again."
"Will I ever forgive my family for making me do this?"
"That sure was beautiful, but was it worth it?"
"I wonder if my gear will mold before it dries out."
"I can't believe I just backpacked 50 miles."
"My feet hurt. My ankles hurt. My knee really really hurts. The other one hurts too. The place I fell on my shin hurts. My wrists hurt. My back hurts. My forehead hurts from that fall."
"I wonder how soon I can get some fresh fruit."
"I can't wait to sleep in a bed."
"That short shower was not enough. I really need another longer one."
"I think I might go to a mall when I get back."
"That was sure beautiful and we saw some amazing things. But was it worth it?"
"I saw a moose."
"I sure wish I could sleep on this boat."
"I saw lady slipper orchids."
"When will my knee quit hurting."
"I wonder what kind of woodpecker that was."
"What time it is? Can I have more Advil?"
"That island sure was full of fantastic views. I wonder when I will be certain that I am glad I went."
"My kids sure are cute when they sleep."
"I hurt in way too many places to be having fun."
But these two people? She was reading Travel magazine and he was reading a travel guidebook on Guatemala. Planning their future trips before they are even off the ferry from this one.

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