Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Art at the Art Museum

My favorite painting. The realism in detail is incredible, making this a fabulously beautiful painting. The idea of the grandpa and his granddaughter discovering bits of nature is fun to think about.

My favorite painting series. It is about something to do with numbers. I refused to think too hard about and just enjoyed the aesthetics. I love series of paintings. I love the idea of having a long hallway enough to display a series and the discipline to choose just one series and not a whole bunch of unrelated wonderful things. I could never do that!
My favorite art title. The art itself was this blue slab leaning against the wall. I didn't get it but I liked the title.

My favorite art idea. They commissioned this guy to do an art piece for a big blank wall and he sent them a letter. Instructions on how to do it themselves. I like the idea of sending an idea and the idea of not having total control of how the people execute it and I like the idea of real people doing the actual art of the art.

My favorite "folk art" painting.

My least favorite painting. There are some paintings I don't aesthetically like, but I understand them. There are paintings I don't understand, but I can find aesthetic beauty or interest in them. I don't like this one and I don't get this one. At all. Anyone? Ideas?

My favorite artist story is about the painter who did this one. She lived on the 6th floor and had animals and birds in her apartment. All the time. She was a bronze sculptor too but gave it up to let her brother specialize in it.

I loved the detail and overall aesthetics of this carved soapstone piece, but I don't get why Adam and Eve would get married. Marriage is a social construct and there would have been no society. Marriage is a commitment, but hey, there were only the two of them.

But the detail of the border was beautiful and wonderful.

My favorite cute thing. This bristly "folk art'"critter is a couple feet tall and maybe 3 feet long and just adorable. Really!

My favorite piece of furniture. There is a cat carved into the back.

My favorite sculpture. No surprise that it is botanical.

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