Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Mentor Friend

The "Mentor" friend has been there before and is secure enough to want you to share her level of success and is willing to pull you up there with her. She knows full well that helping other people achieve success is no threat to those who already have it, and she is willing to share all. She has been there and done that before and willing to give you all the tips and advice and information she has at her disposal. She will encourage you to seek the promotion, get more education, go to the informational meeting. She will listen to your ideas and help you figure out the best way to present them and to whom and support you in your efforts to get listened to. She will give you books and journal articles that she has learned from. She might even talk you up to the right people. She is secure in her own accomplishments and ready to share what she can to help you get there too. This may be in a job or a club or a political office or volunteer position or working our way through some sort of medical treatment or legal issue or business venture. We need mentors in as many areas of life as we can find them and we should remember that in this sort of friendship, rather than being a reciprocal sort of deal where we try to help back, she would rather we 'help forward' as we achieve our own successes by being a mentor to someone trying to make a go who might benefit from our help.

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