Monday, April 13, 2009

The Creatively Inspiring Friend

The "Creatively Inspiring" friend is the one who encourages you in all your 'softer' artistic endeavors. She helps you pick out paint colors and fabrics when you redecorate. She might even come over to help paint the wall. If you decide to gold leaf the wall in the foyer, she will help you research how to do it and be there when the tricky process is underway. She will look at your plans admiringly and tell you, yes, it can be done. She takes you to beautiful inspiring places like gardens and poetry readings and dance performances and musical performances. She encourages you to 'flair up' your wardrobe a little and says yes to trying a new hair style and will help you fix it if it doesn't work out. Her motto runs to the tune of "What's the worst that can happen" so she encourages you to take creative risks and inspires you with her own. She sees connections that will make your art better and encourages you to try new processes and new media and new subjects, and to explore your usual subjects in new ways. She is the "Whiz" to your "Bang!" and no project is too big for the two of you, no adventure too scary, no idea exists that does not have some merit worth trying or at least talking about. She sparks you to expand your horizons and test your limits.

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