Friday, April 10, 2009

The Motivational Friend

The "Get Off Your Ass" friend, otherwise known as the "Motivational" friend, is the one who can be counted on to keep you on the program. She will not let you off the hook about sticking to the diet or the exercise program. She will make sure you make the doctor or dental appointment and she will make sure you keep the appointment and that you stick to the prescribed treatment plan. When you decide to run the 5K, she remembers to ask about your training progress, shows up to watch the race, and praises your successful completion. When you say things like "I have always wanted to . . . " she asks what is stopping you and hounds you to do it and maybe even finds you the class or the opportunity or the resources. She can find arguments to your every excuse and supporting data for your motivations. She is NOT the person to call on when you want off the hook, so don't expect her to help you there, because you know she IS the person to call when you want to be held to not giving up and keeping on keeping on. She will tell you CAN do it and you WILL do it! She is all about taking the next step, doing things you always wanted to do or knew you should do. She is "self improvement" personified and you KNOW she is good for you!

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