Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Party Friend

The "Party" friend is the one who is always up for a drink after work, always up for a movie, especially an action movie or a comedy, always ready to go to the mall, the one you call for a companion on a last minute trip. She is the one you can talk into going to the company party so you won't be so bored. She will come over to waste the afternoon drinking margaritas in the backyard or the one who will invite you over to watch movies when cabin fever hits in the winter. She is the one you call when you are feeling too responsible and boring. She is the one you call if you want to celebrate a raise or a promotion or a sale of some of your art. She will celebrate the win of your candidate of choice without too much intellectualizing on why he or she won and what he or she needs to do next. She is not the one to hold you back when you feeling too reckless. She is the one to call if you want an excuse to take a break from doing the taxes, but NOT the one to call if you want someone to keep you on track for plugging through to just get them done. She is definitely the one to call to party when the taxes are done, though! She has a repertoire of holidays to use as a celebration excuse and if there is not one for today, can help you make one up of your own. Fun is the name of the game with the party friend and everyone needs at least one. But many more than one can be dangerous indeed!

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