Monday, April 27, 2009

House Furnished

The place starts to feel more and more like home, and a significant step in that process was getting to spend the night in the "master bedroom". To this point, we had been folding out the sleeper sofa and sleeping like guests. The new beds are made out of left over wood and spindles from the stair and balcony posts and railings. Using the leftovers was not only a budget consideration, but it allows the furniture to blend right into the house. The "guest room" and the "master bedroom" will eventually be separated by movable cabinets so that the space will be flexible for a variety of guest situations. The foyer has a welcoming table where you can drop your shoes and bag and even plug your cell phone in if it has the same connector as mine. The dining room is complete, the living room needs only a coffee table which will probably be a revamped slate-top table from our first apartment, and the cozy spot under the stairs is ready for lounging with a good book. The canoe paddles are hanging by the back door, waiting for the rain to stop.

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