Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visiting Friends

You know sometimes how you don't see some people for years and you get back together with them and it is all perfect just like you saw them last week and no time has passed? You know sometimes how when you talk to some people, everything they say is new and interesting and fascinating but at the same time, it is like maybe some of it came from your own heart? You know how some friends are so talented and smart and accomplished and yet they make you feel so comfortable that you actually start to think maybe you share some of those traits too? You know sometimes how you hang out with other peoples' kids and just love them and are proud of them almost as darn much as your very own? If you have friends like that, you are as lucky as I am. And you should not let the time go that long, like I intend not to again! And if you don't yet have friends this special, I hope you will someday!

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