Saturday, April 25, 2009

Driving Back Home

Rolling along in afternoon traffic,
Heading home
In bright sunshine;
Think about the people there,
Smile about that.
Traffic jams up;
It's some idiot stalled
In the two lane construction zone
Blocking one lane,
Costing me and all these others
An extra half hour of life on this road.
Turn up the stereo until you can feel it.
Sing along, drum on the steering wheel.
Chew all the gum.
Eat all the snacks.
Fiddle with the radio.
Change the CD.
Scream at the guy when you finally pass him,
"Idiot, Moron, F#%*head, Teabag, Toadbrain!"
He can't hear you but it feels good to yell.
Moving along again
On cruise control.
Beat down the miles.
Call somebody on the cell phone.
Sun going down
Turning everything orange;
Turn on the headlights.
Turn up that song.
Eat up the miles.
Lights along the interstate
Make lines on the horizon,
Receding in perfect perspective.
Center line,
Shoulder line,
Steer in between.
Pound down the miles.
Stop for pop and to pee;
Repass all the cars you passed before.
Pick up speed
But not too much:
Don't need another ticket
Cuz I got one goin'.
Chew up the miles,
Heading on home.

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