Thursday, April 2, 2009

Worst April Fool's Prank Ever

I was next to the otter tank at the zoo, trying in vain to catch one of them being still enough for a photo, when the little girl came up to me and started chatting:
She: Where we came from, there's a flood and our house is in it.
Me: Really? Where's that?
She: Um, we live in Fargo.
Me: Wow, really! I used to live there. Did your house get water in it?
She: It is right in the flood. But it didn't get water in it because there is a dike some people made out of these bags of sand.
Me: So your house is okay. That's great! Did you come here to visit someone?
She: Yeah, me and my sister and my brother and my mom came to visit my grandma and grandpa. Um, my mom she is so funny.
Me: What do you mean?
She: Well, about the flood and our house.
Me: Oh, is she worried about it? That the sand bags will leak and get it wet?
She: Oh, no, it's okay because of the dikes. They didn't leak. But she told my sister the dikes broke and the house got flooded and everything is ruined. Because it is April Fool's.
Me: And then did she say "Just kidding! April Fool's"?
She: No, my sister still thinks our house is gone.
Me: Oh, that can't be true. Your mom must have told her it was a joke.
She: No. It made my sister cry. She still thinks our house is all gone. My mom thinks it is funny that she believes the joke.

We crossed paths later and I snuck a photo. Left to right, that is Grandpa pushing the empty stroller, the little girl who thinks her house is gone in hot pink, the grandma in white, the mean mom with the backpack, the little girl who talked to me in light pink, and her little brother in blue.


Gene Redlin said...


Now that is cruel.

Someone needs a dope slap.

goprairie said...

I never liked 4-1 as a holiday. That mom needs to be taught some parenting skills and sentenced to some community service.