Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Shared Hobby Friend

The "Shared Hobby" friend will support and encourage and participate in your most fanatical obsessions. She will shop for supplies with you at the fabric store or the bead store or the scrapbooking store or the garden center. She will sign up for the class with you to learn some new aspect of your hobby. She knows where all the local stores are and when the local stores have special events. If your hobby is seasonal, like gardening, she knows when the garden center opening day is and will take the day off with you to be there. She will let you drag all your hobby supplies to her house and lay it all out in the dining room and play with you on it all day, or she will bring all her stuff to your house to do the same. She can be counted on to share a tool or supply if the stores are closed. She has books on the topic and loans them to you and borrows yours. She will share a room with you at the weekend convention or drive ridiculous distances with you to go to the new supply store or take the workshop. She will defend you from any accusations that the hobby is silly or frivolous or that you are "too into it" because she shares the passion.

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